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If I use keyboard down arrow key to select one of the shortlisted items, it selects the first one item and then list disappears. What I want is to be able to select one of the suggestions with the keyboard arrows keys by going up and down in the shortlisted items and hitting Enter. I am using MS Excel 2013. Thanking you all for support and help. “pressing Down Arrow Key” In Vba: Similar Topics “pressing Down Arrow Key” In Vba – Excel: View Answers: Hey experts, I need to a macro/vba that replicate the action the pressing the downarrow key. So that when my spreadsheet is grouped/ungrouped, when e downarrow key is. Drop-down Arrow Always Visible Example.xlsx (28.9 KB) Problem: The Drop-down List Arrows Disappear. Drop-down lists in a cell (also known as validation lists) are a great way to make your Excel model interactive. When a user selects the cell that contains a drop-down list, a small icon appears to the right of the cell.

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    I created a combobox to help the user to type the right name of a item that he”s looking for. The combobox will suggest the possible values that the user can select, I did this combobox by using this guide (https://trumpexcel.com/excel-d…-with-search-suggestions/)
    The only problem I found is the only way to select the value is by typping every letter or to click using the mouse in the dropdown list, but I want to allow the user to use the arrows keys to move through the list.
    By using that combobox if the user use the arrow key it selects the first value in the dropdown list therefore removing all other matches

    [ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:”none”,”data-size”:”full”,”title”:”Exemple of the problem”,”data-attachmentid”:1210446}[/ATTACH]
    What I want is when using the arrow keys it wont select the value but scroll through the list until he founds what he needs.
    I looked everywhere and found some people that had the same issues but none of them could help me, and thats why im here trying to found the answer.
    Sample of the workbook attached to the topic

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This Excel VBA macro hides filter arrows on a table.

Macro Example



The [Application.]ActiveSheet property returns an active Worksheet or Chart object. So the Object Browser shows us that returned value is “Object”.

The ActiveSheet property is a member of the Excel.Global class, so we can omit the Application property.

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ActiveSheet.ListObjects (Worksheet.ListObjects)

Arrow down vba code

The ActiveSheet.ListObjects (Worksheet.ListObjects property) returns a ListObjects collection object on the active worksheet.

ListObjects(1) (ListObjects._Default(1) )

The ListObjects._Default property returns a single ListObject object from a ListObjects collection object.

And the ListsObjects._Default(1) represents the first ListObject object.


Excel Macro Down Arrow

The _Default property is a default member of the ListObjects collection object. We can see a little blue marble beside its icon in the Object Browser.
So we can omit the ._Default .

ListObjects(1).ShowAutoFilter (ListObject.ShowAutoFilter)

The ListObjects(1).ShowAutoFilter (ListObject.ShowAutoFilter property) returns or sets Boolean to indicate whether the AutoFilter will be displayed.

Excel Vba Down Arrow Command

And by setting False to the ListObject.ShowAutoFilter property, filter arrows will be hidden. Winrar for mac dmg.


Excel vba end down arrow

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Arrow Down Vba Code

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