Highster Mobile Pro Edition Torrent

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First and foremost, the installation of Highster Mobile on any phone takes just about a minute or two (downloading and installing).

Highster Mobile Pro Edition Torrent

The Installation Process

Basic installation is done in 2 ways:

(A) By typing directly into the target phone”s web browser.

(B) By transferring the installed program from your computer to the phone that you want to monitor through Bluetooth or USB connection.

Installing the Application into the Target Phone

Step 1 – In simple terms, the application is installed by typing a link (that has been given to you) in the web browser of the target phone and the download will begin.

Step 2 – Enter your license key to complete the installation (the license key will be sent to your email).

Step 3 – Then enter either the email address or cell phone number to which you want the information to be sent.

Step 4 – Save your entries and you are good to go.

This is, basically, the installation process. You may also restart your phone.

After you have installed the software on the target mobile phone, you will be able to spy on the activities on that phone.

  • Click on the link above to download.
  • If you downloaded the file to your PC, you can transfer it to the phone in question using a USB cable or Bluetooth.
  • You can now spy on the phone that you want to monitor.

Using a USB Cable to Install the App to Your Android Phone

  • Go to the Android Market to get a free app called ‘App Installer”.
  • Download the file to your computer.
  • Plug one end of your USB cable to the computer and the other end to the phone.
  • Go to ‘My Computer” to click on the drive for your Android Phone.
  • Click on the ‘Downloads” folder from inside the Android.
  • Click and drag the file to a folder on the Android device (Make sure you can remember the name of this folder).
  • You can now unplug your phone from the computer.
  • Find the folder that you transferred the file to.
  • Go to the ‘Applications” screen to select ‘App Installer”.
  • Tap on the app that you transferred from the list you see.
  • From here, just follow the instructions to complete the download.

How Long Does It Take to Install Highster Mobile?

It takes less than 5 minutes to install. The installation ran smoothly on a wide array of mobile phones on which the software was tested. The installation was smooth while the usage was seamless.

How to Install Highster Mobile on iPhone

For Highster Mobile iPhone Installation, follow these steps:

iPhone Remote Installation
  • Enter the password and Apple ID of the device or phone that you want to monitor (NOTE: You can also restore data or backup any device in this way)
  • All the data from that device or phone will then be accessed and uploaded to the Highster Mobile secure servers when you follow the instructions to ‘activate”
  • You will now be able to log into your online account to see all the data from that device or phone

NOTE: 2FA should no be enabled on the device; otherwise, physical access (rather than remote installation) will be required)

The Non-Jailbreak vs Jailbreak Versions

For iOS (iPhones, iPads, etc), you can jailbreak or use the non-jailbreak version.

The difference between the Highster Mobile non-jailbreak and the jailbreak version is that for the ‘no jailbreak version”, you do not need to jailbreak as you can remotely install Highster Mobile unto the target phone without physical access to the device provided that you have the password and Apple ID of the target device while the ‘Jailbreak version” requires physical access to the target device.

How to Install Highster Mobile on Android Phone or Device

In the same vein, Highster Mobile Android Installation can be done in 3 steps:

  • You”ll need to download Highster Mobile to the device or phone that you want to monitor
  • Activate the software by following the instructions (all the data stored on that device or phone will then be uploaded to the secure servers).
  • You will now be able to log into your online account or control center to see all the information extracted from that device

For Androids, you will need to physically access the target device to install the software. It is a one-time installation as you will not need to install the software on that device again. Even if the phone number is changed, it doesn”t matter. It will continue to monitor the device.

How to Use Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile can be put to use in several ways and for various purposes. Some of these include:

  • If you deleted something (that you should not have deleted), it can help you to restore or get back that data
  • If you experienced a failed iOS update
  • You can use the Highster Mobile app to monitor social media, emails, text messages (SMS), calls, and more
  • It can also be used if you have a broken iPad or iPhone
  • You can use this software to see the target phone”s location (in real-time)
  • Can be used to find your lost phone
  • With stealth commands, you can control the phone”s camera
  • You can view browsing history
  • Parents can use this to monitor their children
  • Employers can use this software to monitor their employees who have company-owned devices

The above are some of the ways that Highster Mobile can be put to use. It is, therefore, legal.

Monitoring iMessages

Some advanced mobile devices use iMessages rather than the messaging facility provided by the carrier. Highster Mobile can help you to monitor these types of messages too. The messages that you can monitor include those received and sent by Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

Monitoring Photos and Videos

Photos and videos captured or taken by the target phone can be viewed by you. This can be, particularly, useful to parents who want to monitor their kids and ensure that their children are not exposed to inappropriate videos and pictures.

Monitoring with the Stealth Camera

Somewhat related to the above, the stealth camera will help you to snap pictures of the target phone”s surroundings from wherever you are (remotely).

Monitoring the Phone”s Location with GPS

Are you always wondering where your children have gone to? This may come in handy for you as a parent.

This will also assist the employer in making sure that the workers are exactly where they need to be during work hours.

It help can also help you to locate a lost phone.

Monitoring Text Messages (SMS)

Can this App monitor text messages even if the phone”s logs are deleted? Yes. Where your kids prefer to send text messages rather than voice calls, you”ll still be able to monitor them.

You also will prevent your employees from leaking out important information to competitors via text messages.

Monitoring Browsing History

Catch your employees red-handed when they are pretending to be working while visiting websites that they should not be visiting during work hours.

Also, prevent your children from visiting inappropriate websites by viewing the type of sites that they visit.

Highster Mobile makes the above possible by sending the internet browsing history of the target device to you.

Monitoring Calls

Do you need some evidence regarding calls made to or received by the target phone? Highster Spy App can provide you with the time stamp, duration, and the numbers of both outgoing and incoming calls.

Live Control Panel

All of the above monitoring can be accessed by login into the ‘Live Control Panel” provided to you. Here, you”ll see all the information contained in the target phone and you can even tweak the settings if you want to.

How Does it Work?

Once installed, Highster Mobile App starts to collect data from the target device. It then sends these messages to you through your email or your online control panel.

After the purchase, just check your email for the software and download it. You will be guided by the Highster Mobile installation wizard which will walk you through the process. Just follow the instructions.

You will be given a username, password, and license key for the software.

You should now be set to start tracking the monitored device. You can always log in to your online account to check all the messages sent to you from the monitored device or phone.

Highster Mobile Snapchat – Spy on Conversations

This app will let you see Snapchat conversations. This also includes photos, videos, and other multimedia messages sent from the target phone to you.

In like manner, messages can also be accessed from other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp, Twitter, and others.

How Compatible Is It?

For iPhone and Apple Devices

It is compatible with all iPhones, iPads, and Apple devices. These include:

  • All iPads
  • All versions of iPhone 5
  • All versions of iPhone 6
  • All versions of iPhone 7
  • All versions of iPhone 8
  • All versions of iPhone X
  • All versions of iPhone 11

Highster Mobile Pro Edition

For Android Devices

Highster Mobile works with all Android devices. These include:

  • All versions of Android
  • All Androids from Android-producing companies (Samsung, Google, Huawei, LG, HTC, Motorola, and more)

Will This Program Continue to Work If The Target Phone”s Number is Changed?

Yes. It will continue to work even if the target phone”s number changes.

Hence, you will not need to reinstall the software into the target phone. You, also, do not need to make any additional changes. It will continue to work as it used to.

Does This Software Expire?

No. You get to own and use the software for a lifetime.

Will the Internet Be Needed for the Phone to Work?

No. The target phone will still work even if there is no internet.

Where Will the Information Collected from the Target Phone be Sent to?

You can receive or see the messages sent from the target phone in two ways:

  • They can be sent to your email
  • You can log into your online account at the Highster Mobile login page

Does It Support Prepaid Mobile Phones?

Yes. Prepaid phones are supported.

Trying Highster Spy App For The First Time

Does Highster Mobile Really Work?

We sent a few text messages to the target phone (the phone on which the software was installed) and it sent each text message to our online account in a matter of seconds in the order in which they were sent, including the date and time.

We also compared the messages in the target phone with what we had in our web account and found all the messages sent to be the same as contained in the reviews. This was sent in an easy-to-read format.

Modules You Will Find

  • Video Viewing.
  • GPS Monitoring.
  • Electronic Mail Logging.
  • Call Up Logs.
  • SMS/Text Communication Checking.
  • Photograph Viewing.

Titbits You Should Know

  • You do not need to install the application on your phone.
  • The application that you installed will not show on the target phone. It runs in the background. The owner of the target phone will not even know that it has been installed on his or her phone.
  • If the phone in question has been locked or needs a password, you may be able to use the Bluetooth scanner to retrieve information from the tracked phone. The Blue tooth scanner is included in your purchase.
  • To monitor another phone or device, you will have to purchase an additional license.
  • You will need to physically have the target phone or device with you for about 2 minutes for installation.
  • You will have to root the target phone or device to be able to monitor: WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Instagram, Facebook, BBM, Viber, and Email.
  • If you intend to monitor the iPhone, iPad, iPod, then you will have to jailbreak the target phone or device. For the non-jailbreak version, you will only need to have the password and Apple ID of the target phone or device to monitor.
  • The non-Jailbreak version may require no physical access to the target phone.

How Much Does Highster Mobile Cost (What Makes It Unique?)

Highster Mobile Free Download

  • Price – A One-Time Fee

Highster Mobile Pro Edition Torrent

The Highster Mobile price is $69.99, one of the best offers that you can find in a cell phone monitoring software.

Crestron Mobile Pro

Once purchased, your product will be sent to you immediately, without delay.