Madden 08 Game Controls

Overall, Madden 08 on the Wii is still a good game. The controls, though unchanged from last year”s entry, work very well on the Wii. The addition of online play is huge, and the Party mode and Family Play make the game playable to newbies, though may be annoying space-fillers to experienced Madden players. Break down plays and highlight key moments with all-new Madden NFL 08 telestrator. Bring the game online, play head to head with friends and keep up to date with the live sports ticker for the. This game was a disappointment across the board. I have been unsatisfied with the Madden franchise for years, and this years release proves to me that EA has ceased trying to make it better. I will go back to playing Madden 06 for now, and pray to God almighty that the NFL has the sense to let someone else use their signature in the future. Game Trainers & Unlockers: Madden NFL 08 v1.0 +8 TRAINER. When using Fixed Files make sure to use a Firewall which controls outgoing traffic, as some games call. Due to the long delay between PC versions of Madden NFL, many mods for the game exist that can. NFL mod for Madden NFL 08 is the. Controls: Surround sound.

Madden 08 pc game controls

Madden NFL 19 PS4 Game Controls



Pre-play Offense

Madden 08 Pc Keyboard Controls

Zoom out gameplay camera – D-pad down
Zoom in gameplay camera – D-pad up
Switch player – Circle
Snap ball (hurry to Line) – X
Show/hide pre-play menu – R3
Show play art – R2
Player lock – L3
Pass protection – L1
Motion player – Circle + L-stick
Hot route – Triangle
Fake snap – R1

Pre-play Defense

Individual adjustment – X
Switch player – Circle
Select player – Circle (hold) + Left Stick
Audible menu – Square
Coverage audible – Triangle
Defensive line audible – L1
Linebacker audible – R1
Defensive keys – L2
Off the line – R2 (tap)
Show play art – R2 (hold)
Zoom in gameplay camera – D-pad up
Zoom out gameplay camera – D-pad down
Defensive player lock camera – L3
Show/hide pre-play menu – R3
Pump up crowd – R-stick up


Madden 08 Torrent

Ball Carrier

Madden 08 Xbox One

Ball in air/loose ball

Madden nfl 08 download pc

Player locked receiver

Madden 08 Keyboard Controls

Madden 08 Xbox

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