Mass Effect 3 Aftermath

Mass Effect 3: Aftermath Chapter 3, a mass effect fanfic FanFiction Tali came round waking up in agony, she was up against the wheel of a wrecked Mako. She wiped the dust of the screen of her mask and soaked in the view of the battlefield around her. Mass Effect 3 Outcomes of the Cure the Genophage Mission To win against the reapers with as much war assets as possible, Shepard must make the hard decisions in the cure the genophage mission. With the aftermath of the thresher maw vs reaper fight, for this particular ending, Mordin walks out of the military vehicle without Eve, who has. Mass Effect 3: Aftermath Chapter 18 and The Epilogue, a mass effect fanfic FanFiction Tali paced up and down her room, it had been a week since the events aboard the Dark Energy Dreadnought, a week since Shepard had rescued her. For Mass Effect 3: Aftermath. 8/31/2019 c18 5 ilego I loved this story. 1/5/2017 c18 13 D3LTAFOX Terrorize, this is the best Mass Effect fanfic I have ever read. You hit just the right balance betwen romance and action and I absolutely loved Harbingers role and the Rachni cliffhanger. I really hope that you write a sequel for this. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

This post contains no spoilers for the Mass Effect 3 DLC, Leviathan. It also makes no sense unless you’ve played it. It’s kinda like a double edged sword. Of puns. And plot. But not important plot. You know what? #$%& it, I suck at metaphors. Here’s the bit:

Ashley: Shepard, what are you doing with Dr. Bryson’s experiment?
Shepard: Going a-head with the war, Ash.
Ashley: No. We’re not doing this.
Shepard: But they say two heads are better than one!
Ashley: I’m dumping you.
Shepard: Thanks for the heads up.
Ashley: Scratch that. I’m gonna kill you.
Shepard: No need to lose your head!

Meanwhile on the Lower Decks…
James: Best. Idea. Ever.
Liara: I concur.
EDI: Indeed.

Tali came round waking up in agony, she was up against the wheel of a wrecked Mako. She wiped the dust of the screen of her mask and soaked in the view of the battlefield around her. There was no part of her body that wasn”t in pain, she felt stiff and half dead as her vision cleared up.

“Keelah.” She gasped as she saw all the injured and the dead bodies around her, she looked up at the sky and yelled in a pained voice, “You Reaper bosh”tets!”

It wasn”t till then that she realised that there was something missing, there were no Reapers, atleast none fighting. All she could see around her and in the distance, Reaper destroyers toppled over and destroyed. She could no longer hear gunfire or commands being shouted about at troops, instead all she could hear was cheering. People were cheering, even the injured.

Tali tried to make it up to her feet only to be let down by a sharp pain in her left thigh, her hands moved down down to comfort her legs. She looked down to see that her suit had been punctured, her left thigh section of her suit had a large rip and embedded in the wound, was a large bit of shrapnel. “Keelah” she thought to herself, the pain was agony. But she couldn”t concern herself with that now, she had to find Shepard.

“Commander Shepard!” She called out as she struggled to pull herself up against the Mako. “Shepard!” Shouting louder with increased desperation.


“Tali”Zorah” Came a synthetic voice, she looked around to see it was EDI, moving toward”s her. Her synthetic body had seen better days, most of her panels and coverings had been scorched by the blast and even some of her interior circuits were showing.

“EDI! Are you ok?” Tali asked in a concerned voice. Keelah so much has changed, who”d of thought i”d care about a synthetic.

“I am fine Tali. I do not experience pain as organics do, just a slight dip in efficiency and this platform is still functional.” EDI explained calmly, her face showing no emotion as always. “You are hurt. You”re exo-suit has been compromised, you will need immediate medical care to reduce the risk of a life threatening infection.”

“No! We need to find Shepard first, he could be hurt. he may need me.” Replied Tali, her voice dropped of, full of worry. Shepard was never far from her side and now he was nowhere to be seen.

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“As you wish Tali. We should investigate around the ruins of the conduit.”

Tali propped herself up with the help of EDI and they began to move towards where the conduit had been. All around them soldiers of all species were helping with the injured, Turians helping Humans, Salarians assisting Krogans, even Geth were helping out, it was uplifting to see everyone getting along, and they all had Shepard to thank for it. They began to search all around the rubble and the ruins of what had once stood in the centre of the clearing, Tali tried to use her omni-tool scan the area for him but there was either too much interference or it was damaged. “Or worse” she thought to herself, he had to be here somewhere, he couldn”t just leave her, she wouldn”t allow it.

“Tali over there!” EDI pointed out to a pile a rubble, next to it almost hidden from sight was a body, a body with N7 printed on the upper chest piece of the tattered body armour.

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“Shepard!” Cried out Tali, she raced forward, stumbling with her injured leg, the pain pulsated through every inch of her body, but she didn”t care she just wanted to be with Shepard.

She ran and collapsed at his side panting and breathing heavily, he was badly injured, his body was covered in gashes that soaked him in blood, his skin has been severely burnt in alot of areas. The sight of him like this brought tears to her eyes, she placed a hand softly on his cheek and spoke softly to him.

“Shepard?. it”s me. wake up. you picked a bad time to take nap commander.. Shepard?.” She leaned down close, while she was unable to feel his breath through her mask to see if he was breathing, she just wanted to be close. She was unsure what to do, she could see his chest wasn”t moving.

EDI had finally caught up and stood over them, she raised her arm and activated her omni-tool “Tali, I am not picking up any life signs, but several of my subsystems are damaged. It”s possiable I am unable to get an accurate reading”

“I can”t see. or feel. anything. I”ve seen humans do this thing with wrists. to check for a pulse, but I don”t know how.” Tali replied softly, her voice just slightly louder then a whisper. She turned to look at EDI “Quick EDI go find help!”

EDI didn”t need telling twice, nor did she hang around to answer, she ran out of sight toward”s the other survivors to find help.

Tali looked back down at Shepard. “Shepard. please. don”t leave me. I need you” She was crying inside her mask, she couldn”t accept the fact that Shepard could be dead, not again. She unfastened her mask and placed it next to Shepard, she no longer cared what would happen to her, without Shepard she didn”t want to go on living again, it was too painful last time and back then they hadn”t been nowhere near as close. The tears rolled slowly down her face as she leaned in close. “Keelah Shepard. I love you.” Her lips brushed against his softly and kissed him, she maintained the kiss for as long as she could, she didn”t want to let go.

When her lips parted she curled up next to him and rest her head against his chest, she could feel her hair grow wet as it drapped in his blood, her tears streaming down her cheek and onto his armour. The Reapers may of been defeated but with Shepard gone, her world had gone too she thought to herself and wished that she had died too, but without her mask on and her injuries, she”d join him soon enough and she took a sad comfort in that.

As Tali rested against him, what was only minutes seemed like days to her, she grew drowsy most likely as a result from her wound and her mask being off. She felt as she was starting to hear, see and feel things, she so desperately wanted him back that when she felt his chest move slightly under under, she believed she was dreaming and kept believing so as his chest moved slowly up and down. Then came a voice.

“Keelah se”lai.” Shepard spoke softly.

Tali”s head shot up and looked at Shepard, who was looked back at her. “Keelah!” she yelled out in surprise, a wave of emotions came over her, and she acted on them as they came to her. She hit him hard on the chest.

Mass Effect 3 Aftermath

“Hey! What did I do? Exclaimed Shepard.

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“Don”t you ever do that to me again. you bosh”tet.” Tali replied tearfully

He looked down at Tali, her eyes were red raw from where she had been crying, “Tali. I”m.” Shepard didn”t get a chance to reply as he was taken by surprise from a kiss by Tali.

As she pulled away slightly, a small sad smile appeared on her lips and Shepard responded with one back “I”m sorry Tali. I take it you forgive me?” Teased Shepard, smiling down at her.

“Well. I guess. maybe. I may need a little convincing still, prehaps you could start by kissing your girlfriend.”

“Aye aye, Miss Vas Normandy” Grinned Shepard.

Tali moved up close to him and wasted no time in locking her lips with his, he ran his hands through her hair slowly and held her close to him, neither of them wanted to let each other go, not ever again.

“Tali. I love you” Shepard told her as there lips finally parted.

“I love you too, commander” She said playfully.

She lent back close and they kissed passionatly, ignoring the footsteps that were approaching. “They are over here!” Shepard heard a voice call out, he ignored it and carried on attending to Tali.

EDI had arrived with the rest of the crew, they stopped in there places when they saw what they walked in on, along with a group of Salarian medics who had been ready to treat their wounds temporary untill they got them to a med bay. Tali notiched the audience they had picked up, “Keelah!” She exclaimed while quickly reaching for her mask and reattaching it.

“Hey now, I don”t see any medical emergency here EDI” Said an amused Garrus. Pandem kodi telugu full movie free download.



“On the contrary Garrus, they both still require medical care for thier injurys and the trauma they will of recieved.” EDI replied, failing to get Garrus”s meaning.

“It was a joke EDI” Joker said, smirking. “Besides I think they got the trauma treatment under control.”

Shepard laughed and held Tali close as the medics moved in to treat them.

. . .

In the distance, a lone figure was watching the scene below from the rooftop of a ruined building, flakes of ash falling from his cigarette. He raised brought his hand back to his mouth to take another draw from his cigarette, exhaling smoke. His eyes were a sharp bright blue and his face was blackended in areas.

“Shepard may of think he”s won this time, but ultimately his victory will pale in the grand scheme of things.” The Illusive Man said seemingly to himself, untill a voice replied, from his own mouth that didn”t belong to him.

Free download condition zero setup for pc. “He has prevented nothing, the chaos will grow ever stronger” Harbingers deep voice booming from The Illusive Mans mouth. “We will find another way.”

“Shepard will learn that he has to pay for his actions.” The Illusive Man paused to have another gasp from his cigarette. “We will break him and I know just how to do that.” Despite being a fair distance from the scene down below, he focused his view on the Quarian.

The Illusive Man dropped his cigarette and crushed the bud with his foot before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a comm”s device. He activated it and spoke into it.

“Operative.” He said

Sir? You”re alive?” came a female voice over the comm”s device

“Ofcourse I”m alive, you should know better. I will not rest till our goal”s are met.” He replied back coldly.

“Yes sir, sorry sir.”

“I”m sending you coordinates on a extraction point” He punched in the details on the comm”s device.

“Got them sir, shuttle onroute.”

He deactivated the device and slipped it back into his pocket. He took one last look at the scene below, “Soon Tali”Zorah will come round to our way of thinking” He thought to himself as he slipped into the shadows and out of sight.